Trivia Bot

A simple and highly customizable Discord trivia bot

Why us?

There are so many trivia bots out there. Why choose us?

Multiple Languages

We support many different languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and many more

24/7 Uptime

We make sure that Trivia Bot is always up, so you don't have to worry about it.


Our bot is highly customizable, and it will be able to fit your needs perfectly. See a feature we don't have? Just fill out a form and we will implement it as fast as we can

No monetization

We don't care about making money. There are no ads, no paid services, no gotchu's. It's all for free.

It's Fast

Our bot runs on a very fast server, and you can expect our latency to be less than 30ms.

User Centered

This bot is centered around our users. We have a support team that is on 27/7, and if you don't like anything about the bot, we ask you to tell us how we can improve it.

What Are you waiting for?